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Tips For Writing Press Releases
January 27, 2021
Getting coverage by the media is very beneficial for businesses. Whether you have a new product, have won an award, are working on a new partnership, or have something else newsworthy to share, getting the press to cover the story will help you a lot. But how do you get the media to take notice of your news and relay it to their audience? Press releases are still one of the best ways to do this. By summarizing your news and sending that summary directly to media contacts, you bring attention to the event. If your story is interesting enough and is something their audience will appreciate, it’s likely to be shared. You can even use press releases as part of your crisis management strategy if your company is involved in a negative event. But how can you increase your chances of your press release being noticed and covered? Keep listening for our top tips for writing press releases along with more reasons why press releases are extremely relevant.
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